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About Ko Heichi
        Ko-Heichi, literally translated in Japanese means “High Flatland”. This name represents our highland location here in Eastern Wyoming. Bushidokan, “The Way of the Warrior School”, is the style of martial art taught at Ko Heichi. Following the tradition of Bushidokan instructors before me I maintain the high standards that my instructors , Mr. Watson and Mr. Katzer, expected from their students. Students earn their rank at Ko-Heichi Martial Arts.

        Before the term “Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)” became the latest buzz word in the world of martial arts, Bushidokan, has long been an advocate for  versatile or eclectic training. Bushidokan was a pioneer in challenging the faults associated with blind allegiance to one particular set of techniques. You will find influences from multiple disciplines in Bushidokan training.
Bushidokan is designed with a strong foundation of basics.
These ‘basics’ lay the groundwork for the extensive self-defense tactics and hand to hand combat skills that have earned Bushidokan students worldwide respect.
Learning proper
break falls
        Bushidokan was designed for combat; the basic techniques beginning students learn in early training are merely conditioning tools for learning practical self-defense and reliable fighting skills that are integrated into training as they advance.

        Historically, whether in the ring or on the street, Bushidokan warriors have been a force to be reckoned with. Bushidokan’s combat tactics have been tried and tested in many diverse situations including, full contact world competition, and in life and death situations by citizens, law enforcement and elite military groups such as Green Berets, Rangers, Navy Seals and others.
Classes Offered:
(Ages 7 & up)
Fitness Kickboxing:
(Jr./Sr. High & up)
Mixed Martial Arts:
(Ages 16 & up)
        So exactly what is Bushidokan? Bushidokan is composed of three main martial art components: Karate, Judo and Jujitsu. Add in large doses of kick boxing, realistic street fighting, military arts, weapons training, body conditioning and Jim Harrison’s  philosophical influence and you start to get a pretty good picture of what Bushidokan is all about. Bushidokan pioneers lived by the philosophy of using what works and discarding what doesn't.

        Most martial arts and their related Self Defense systems rely on one or
two related methods of fighting such as, striking (punching and kicking) or
grappling (throws, holds or locks and chokes). Bushidokan is considered
an integrated system using striking, kicking and grappling techniques in a
well-rounded versatile method of combat training.
The ultimate goal of Bushidokan is to prepare its students for actual combat;
however, the beginning ranks of Bushidokan are fairly traditional in nature.
The stance, block, striking and kicking routines are formulated in a system
that would be considered “Traditional Karate” by most. As a student advances
into the higher levels of training he/she learns more of the practical arts of hand to hand combat.

        While earning rank in basic techniques students also learn fighting tactics and receive realistic self defense training. By the time a student reaches brown and black belt level there are no more formal tests to pass. To achieve brown and black belt status in Bushidokan requires the student to “prove” their skills in actual fighting. This is one reason there are so few black belts in the Bushidokan system.
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